Garrison&Family | Haskell, OK

As always I cannot thank this family enough for their continued business over the past couple of years. It truly has meant so much being able to help capture your growing family Lindsey&Wilson! And I always enjoy the rest of the crew, especially that adorable niece and nephew of yours. Congratulations on your newest member, Alton. I hope you find yourselves enjoying these photos for many years! Much love friends.


Love any time we get to spend with the Jones family. They are so loving to us and each other, and these peeps keep it REAL. I never stress before our sessions because both mom and dad are so laid back. They truly just wanted me to capture their family as they are, and that always makes for a great session! Thank you guys for always using Happy Trails Photography! Enjoy a few of my favorites ;) 

Higgins | Valentine, NE

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to the Higgins family. Taking a chance on me, allowing me to do Sidney's senior photos. I hope she falls in love with her session because I know I have! I can't seem to pick a favorite!? I hope that as you look through these you truly see Sidney's personality shine! Thank you guys so much for using Happy Trails Photography. Glad we also grabbed a few quick family photos. You guys were so much fun to work with. Laid back, and just good good people. Maybe next year I can come cover your branding?! 

The Hisel Family | North Platte, NE

One of my favorite families of all time! (Not just because we are family) The morning of this shoot was a little chaotic. But I love that everyone still seemed to shine! Forget about the fits that may have been thrown or the constant bribing that was needed. Instead, I hope these photographs remind you of the random dance party in the living room, Matthew's giggles, Mikayla's constant pout face, and of course Uncle Steve tripping behind my to make everyone laugh (even his brother gave us a real smile!) Love you guys and thank you so much for allowing Happy Trails to capture your family just as they are... 

Hippie Gypsy Style // Fashion Photography // Salt Lake City, UT

So excited to finally share these with you! They are totally different from anything I have ever photographed. I believe that is healthy for any type of art, putting yourself in an unfamiliar situation and seeing what you can bring out of it. This Southeast Oklahoma girl was not in her element in Salt Lake City, UT. But for me, that just adds to the excitement! Maybe this will inspire you somehow. 


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Destination: Salt Lake City, UT

We set out last Tuesday for Salt Lake City, UT. We made it 10 minutes down the road and my co-pilot needed to stop for a margarita, just to get her mind right, she's a professional. THEN we got on the road haha. Drove all night, made it to Hays, KS for a quick break then headed for Ft. Collins, CO for breakfast and stretch our legs around campus. (We may have went in the Engineering Building to use the bathroom to change clothes and freshen up.) 

Once we got our belly's full at the Silver Cafe (famous for cinnamon rolls) we headed to Wyoming! We both have always wanted to explore Wyoming. Everyone tells me there is not much there. Having only been to Cheyenne for Frontier Days, I had big hopes. But.... yea there's not much there. Until you make it the Western part of the state, then it gets beautiful in my opinion! Not sure what they feed the cattle on the south border along I-80. 

By Wednesday evening we made it to Utah! What a gorgeous state. I loved the mountains. Some parts of Utah would look like Ireland (since I've totally been there before). We were only there for two days but I cannot wait to make a trip back. Thursday I had a blast doing 4 styled sessions with the amazing Jessica Janae Photography during her Magic Project, which was magical! (blog coming soon for those photos) 

By Friday we were heading back to Colorado, our husbands were flying into Denver early Saturday morning to join us for the rest of the way home. Low and behold we acquired a flat in Price UT. Two hours later, two new tires later, ouchy on the wallet later, we finally made it to Colorado right as the sun was going down. We were S O H A P P Y to see our hubbys. Saving grace type happy because we knew we were down navigating and driving! 

We had a great day Saturday! Had a few beers at a really neat stop that Meghan's parents used to always hang when they were locals. Little Bear was a very neat town tucked in the side of the mountain. Then we made our way to white water rafting! WOW, freezing cold water but totally worth it. 

Last but not least, Meghan's husband had a big one to scratch off the bucket list while we were in town. Sunday at Pike's Peak, the International Hill Climb took place. It lasted all day but we had an amazing view. This is such a huge event that they open the gates at 3am to the public. We got there at 2:30am and we were still about 200 cars late?! A bedroll and 3 sleeping bags later, the bed of the truck turned into a queen size pillow. Slept on top of Pikes Peak, totally underdressed but the body heat was nice haha. 

After the race, we made our way home. This momma was missing her littlest man pretty bad by this point. Thankful for the opportunity to further my passion and meet some great women in the business, thankful I now have friends I can stay with in Utah, thankful the bestie joined me in making this an amazing road trip with lots of highway and not enough sleep, and thankful our husbands flew in to save us, not sure if we would've been able to drive home at that point. 

xoxo, Sara

Mr. John Bobby Lane

I know you always hear this when someone is expecting a baby, "I didn't know I could love something this much before we have even met." But that is an understatement for this little guy and his family. He not only is carrying a strong family name but he is also the first baby boy to carry on the families last name. You can say John Bobby Lane is a legacy already. 

Without knowing the gender during pregnancy, you could imagine the anticipation of everyone on delivery day. So, let me explain his namesake. "John" comes from his daddy's side of the family. I am not exactly sure how many generations back it goes but lets just say too many for me to remember. Also handed down from generation to generation are the intials J.B. For this little guy his middle name comes from his momma's side. "Bobby" is the namesake from Lynnsie's grandpa. He sadly passed away just a few weeks before J.B. was born. Bobby meant so much to Lynnsie. He not only helped raise her but Bobby was one of the most important men in Lynnsie's life. I'd say J.B. and his big sister Anna Grace, have a pretty ornery angel watching them from above. 

Love you guys and thank you for allowing Happy Trails Photography to capture the sweet beginning of John Bobby Lane...

Dr. Morgan Harwell, DVM

It was so nice to see Morgan again! We met in college and worked together at the OSU Vet Med Ranch back in the day. Morgan is more reserved, that is one of my favorite things about her. She doesn't mess around if she can tell you're being fake. Loved that. As we worked together we definitely got to know each other. She was always that girl to me that seemed to have it all together.  Seriously. And she's a horse shower from California, so that makes her like the Dream Girl right? Even working at the horse ranch her hair would always be perfect, and nails manicured, and then I'm over here in cutoff tshirts and a pony tail. (I tried the manicure thing and I just CANT keep them pretty long enough- so thats out)  In a good way, Morgan has always been that person to me that makes me want to try harder at being a woman. I still think of her when I fail to curl my hair! haha

You can bet when she contacted me for pictures I was SO EXCITED!! I knew Morgan would be gorgeous just standing there. And I got even more excited when she wanted to include her animals in the session, because I knew they would be gorgeous too. I can't believe another friend is graduating with their DVM. So happy for you Morgan! You are going to make a great Veterinarian. You did it!

Wyatt | 11 Months

I have always wanted the Lord to use my photography for Him. I will always feel it is my ministry. Nothing can replace a picture. I think if we could take things to heaven, photos would be one of those things. Its how we freeze time, yet still hear those little chuckles as we look back on a picture.
Watching Wyatt's story on facebook I felt the Lord move me. I felt I needed to give back in a way I knew how because this little family has had to give so much already. So I contacted Harley and asked if I could provide a session for them. I wanted to meet this Wyatt and help tell his story. Little did I know I would be walking away from our session uplifted (and with lots of baby fever!), because Wyatt was possibly the happiest baby I have ever met. Despite his hard start on life, this little guy had pure joy. Thats how I would describe him actually, pure joy! So thankful to meet you Wyatt. You are a little warrior and one day you may move mountains.

"For God has not given us a spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind." II Timothy 1:7

Wyatt's story: He was born with half a heart. Normally doctors suggest you terminate a fetus in his condition. He had his first open heart surgery at 5 days old. His first breath of fresh air at 3 months old. A second open heart surgery before he was even One. He has to be fed through a tube because he never learned to swallow properly. What a fighter! Not only is he strong but you can tell his parents are as well. In one of the photos you see Wyatt holding two stuffed monkeys. Those monkeys represent his siblings. They lost each of them late in pregnancy. I couldn't imagine. She carries their names around her neck engraved on a necklace, and you can see Wyatt playing with it in another photo. I hope these photos bring you comfort!

Thank you for sharing your story!

Rebekah | OSU Veterinarian Graduate | Stillwater OK

I immediately respect anyone who has completed college, let alone vet school. It says a lot about a person to accomplish such a challenge, and then to do it with that smile on her face! Rebekah is so fun to be around. I am sure she has been a blessing to her classmates lol or maybe a distraction at times ;) 

Rebekah is inspiring because she didn't grow up wanting to be a vet. She actually told me how she didn't even think she would go to college. School was never her thing. She wanted to graduate high school and be done. Well, before she knew it, she was in college and then the thought of enrolling in vet school came during college. This amazes me. Number one, because we assume anyone in vet school is naturally a great student and school has to be their thing. Number two, we also assume everyone in vet school has been dreaming of being a vet since they were 2 years old. I wish I would've known Rebekah when I was toying around with the thought of vet school! She would've been just the motiviation I needed! It seems Gods plan for us tends to unfold whether we think we are aware (in control) or not. So bless you Rebekah! So proud of you! 

"Gods strong hand is on you. He will promote you at the right time. Live carefree before God; He is most careful with you. " 1 Peter 5:6-7


Brittany+Summer | OSU Seniors | Stillwater, OK

Like I said before, having a joint senior session with your best friend might be the new thing! I wouldn't complain one bit if that is how my seniors started booking their sessions. I LOVED IT!

As you can see we had a great time. But who wouldn't with these two?! We started our session on the beautiful OSU campus, from there we went to The Strip to dance in front of Outlaws. (Sounds like their college was a lot like mine, two-stepping Thursday through Saturday) They even had their "littles" meet us for a quick bit so we could capture the whole crew. Thank you Brittany+Summer, for allowing me to capture such a special time in your lives. Graduating college is like nothing else. You have the world of open doors staring right back at you, sometimes its hard to stay the course but I can see you girls are in for a great adventure! I truly enjoyed this session. Hope you love your photos as much as I do...muah!

The Roat Family

Happy to be able to photograph people I haven't seen since high school! Crazy to think it has been that long and now they have two beautiful children. The little guy is a true gentleman and little sister was such a sweetheart. Our session took place at an old winery right outside of town where I grew up. Wish I could have more sessions there because the cabin was gorgeous! 

Baby Russell

You know how some babies give you that feeling like they are reading your soul? This little man has it. Seriously. When you look eye to eye with Russ, you feel him say "I ain't playing no games", as if you better quit with the baby talk. Loved meeting this little man and glad we were able to use this gorgeous yellow truck for his shoot. Thank you guys! Your little man is too precious. 

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Cord Conley turns ONE

I'm not going to make this long and sappy. I just wanted to show anyone following the blog pictures of our little man and his FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY! We did a Cowboys&Indians theme. All the guests dressed up and we had a Photo Booth (those pictures to come), which is something I always try and incorporate into any party I put together! Photo booths  are one of my favorite things. Enjoy the pictures! This little boy is so fun and makes our job as parents look easy! Cord may you always be lovable and bring joy to others! Mommy and Daddy love you little guy. Happy Birthday sweets.    

Around the ranch...

 There is always something to photograph around here, but of course I do not always have my camera on me. Sometimes that makes me sad but then I remember, even as a photographer, I do not need to capture EVERY detail and God-giving moment in my life. Some of those are meant just for me. That being said, I am trying to be more present and capture our ranching lifestyle. After all that is my true passion. I would love to capture your ranching family, so invite me out some time :) Have a gorgeous day my friend. 

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The Hixon's

Amy and I first met in college. As a photographer, it is such a joy to be asked by friends to capture their family. Cody and Amy are great examples as individuals, and within their marriage, about placing Christ in the center of every decision. I am so happy to not only know them but learn from them a servants heart. We love you guys! Excited to see your family grow. Thanks for showing me EAST Oklahoma ( pretty much Arkansas) for the first time. It sure is gorgeous!