Higgins | Valentine, NE

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to the Higgins family. Taking a chance on me, allowing me to do Sidney's senior photos. I hope she falls in love with her session because I know I have! I can't seem to pick a favorite!? I hope that as you look through these you truly see Sidney's personality shine! Thank you guys so much for using Happy Trails Photography. Glad we also grabbed a few quick family photos. You guys were so much fun to work with. Laid back, and just good good people. Maybe next year I can come cover your branding?! 

Dr. Morgan Harwell, DVM

It was so nice to see Morgan again! We met in college and worked together at the OSU Vet Med Ranch back in the day. Morgan is more reserved, that is one of my favorite things about her. She doesn't mess around if she can tell you're being fake. Loved that. As we worked together we definitely got to know each other. She was always that girl to me that seemed to have it all together.  Seriously. And she's a horse shower from California, so that makes her like the Dream Girl right? Even working at the horse ranch her hair would always be perfect, and nails manicured, and then I'm over here in cutoff tshirts and a pony tail. (I tried the manicure thing and I just CANT keep them pretty long enough- so thats out)  In a good way, Morgan has always been that person to me that makes me want to try harder at being a woman. I still think of her when I fail to curl my hair! haha

You can bet when she contacted me for pictures I was SO EXCITED!! I knew Morgan would be gorgeous just standing there. And I got even more excited when she wanted to include her animals in the session, because I knew they would be gorgeous too. I can't believe another friend is graduating with their DVM. So happy for you Morgan! You are going to make a great Veterinarian. You did it!

Rebekah | OSU Veterinarian Graduate | Stillwater OK

I immediately respect anyone who has completed college, let alone vet school. It says a lot about a person to accomplish such a challenge, and then to do it with that smile on her face! Rebekah is so fun to be around. I am sure she has been a blessing to her classmates lol or maybe a distraction at times ;) 

Rebekah is inspiring because she didn't grow up wanting to be a vet. She actually told me how she didn't even think she would go to college. School was never her thing. She wanted to graduate high school and be done. Well, before she knew it, she was in college and then the thought of enrolling in vet school came during college. This amazes me. Number one, because we assume anyone in vet school is naturally a great student and school has to be their thing. Number two, we also assume everyone in vet school has been dreaming of being a vet since they were 2 years old. I wish I would've known Rebekah when I was toying around with the thought of vet school! She would've been just the motiviation I needed! It seems Gods plan for us tends to unfold whether we think we are aware (in control) or not. So bless you Rebekah! So proud of you! 

"Gods strong hand is on you. He will promote you at the right time. Live carefree before God; He is most careful with you. " 1 Peter 5:6-7

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Brittany+Summer | OSU Seniors | Stillwater, OK

Like I said before, having a joint senior session with your best friend might be the new thing! I wouldn't complain one bit if that is how my seniors started booking their sessions. I LOVED IT!

As you can see we had a great time. But who wouldn't with these two?! We started our session on the beautiful OSU campus, from there we went to The Strip to dance in front of Outlaws. (Sounds like their college was a lot like mine, two-stepping Thursday through Saturday) They even had their "littles" meet us for a quick bit so we could capture the whole crew. Thank you Brittany+Summer, for allowing me to capture such a special time in your lives. Graduating college is like nothing else. You have the world of open doors staring right back at you, sometimes its hard to stay the course but I can see you girls are in for a great adventure! I truly enjoyed this session. Hope you love your photos as much as I do...muah!