Garrison&Family | Haskell, OK

As always I cannot thank this family enough for their continued business over the past couple of years. It truly has meant so much being able to help capture your growing family Lindsey&Wilson! And I always enjoy the rest of the crew, especially that adorable niece and nephew of yours. Congratulations on your newest member, Alton. I hope you find yourselves enjoying these photos for many years! Much love friends.

Rae Elizabeth | 8.10.15

This session is special to me in that they are all family. Nothing like getting to photograph a baby and know you'll actually watch this little one as she grows up. I cannot say enough about this sweet family! Rae Elizabeth is as beautiful as her name aspires her to be. "Elizabeth" is in honor of our grandmother we call "Grams". If she is anything like her, she will most definitely have faith that can move mountains. Praise to that!

Side note: How precious is that nursery?! I mean, it has a teepee in it... and a dreamcatcher for a mobile! 

Congratulations Lacey&Ryan


Emma | Newborn Lifestyle Session

How sweet and precious this tiny little girl is.  Her parents are definitely in love already.  Every time she would sneeze, her dad would count them and then say "here's comes a cough."  He already loves every detail of his little girl.  You would think that mom has had a few kids of her own. You couldn't even tell she was brand new to it all! They are both so calm and collected. Thank you guys for allowing Happy Trails to capture your sweet little girl during her first few days  of life! I hope you enjoyed your lifestyle session. Congrats on baby Emma. Much love!

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