Jennings | Bells, TX

Not sure how I got so lucky to photograph this family from their first baby girls newborns…. to now. They make some gorgeous kids am I right? Starkly different, gorgeous all the same. The Jenning’s family booked me during my trip to Oklahoma/Texas when I make the rounds and photograph clients for a 2 week window. Texas put on quite the show for our session in early April, wheat fields and wildflowers, can’t get any better! Thank you Micah + Luke for continuing to use Happy Trails Photography. I love capturing your legacy… and those beautiful kids.

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Happily Hixon

So much has changed since I first met Amy. For both of us. Throughout our stages of dating, engagement, marriage, and now motherhood, I have drawn closer to this woman. She is beautiful and has been blessed with a family just as beautiful. Thankful for her and Cody's example as husband and wife and now mom and dad. Though I have called Amy during many trials that parenting brings, the best advice she has ever given is "do the next thing". This simple phrase has gotten me through some dark times. I am not saying they have it all together... she wouldn't want me to say that. I am saying, it has been a saving grace to talk to someone in the same place of life, taking the same steps, and telling me I'm not alone in the mess. Thank you Hixon's. Love you so. 

The Lowery Family

Always a treat getting to photograph the Lowery's each year. They have a beautiful little family and every time, I walk away wanting to hang out more. Their son Leo has changed their lives in more ways than one. He has a very rare diagnosis with only 400 other cases known in the world. These two have handled it all with so much grace and strength. They have refused to let it keep them from involving Leo in everything normal to them, like roping and rodeo. I'd say Leo is in some pretty great hands to have parents like that. Be sure and check out his Momma's blog to learn more and follow their story. Thank you all for choosing Happy Trails to capture your family again this year! Much love to you Lowery's. 

Rex + Lauren

I was super excited when Lauren contacted me about a session. For a few reasons! Lauren is that girl that is a natural beauty. She is someone that always seems at ease, making pregnancy look like a breeze! I had never met Rex until the day of the shoot but I can tell he loves Lauren to pieces. He was quick to pull her in tight and keep her close. So happy to capture this chapter for Lauren and Rex. Hopefully many more to come.... thanks for choosing Happy Trails Photography! 

Perzee | Party of Four

Another one of my favorite Stillwater families, the Perzee's. Earlier this year I had the opportunity to photograph them while they were still expecting, and now here we are doing a family session with TWO little ones! Aren't their kids gorgeous?? Ryan and Michelle make some beautiful babies. I think we can all agree to that. 

Thank you guys again, for choosing Happy Trails to capture your family. And thank you for bed to sleep in while in Stilly, as well as the ear and late night talk! We love you guys very much and cherish your friendship. I hope you find yourselves cherishing these photos for many years to come. 

Peachy Family | Thomas OK

We love this family so much. Becky and I met in college, were in each other's weddings, and have watched our families grow. She is my go-to of all things motherhood. I even call her before I call the doctor, haha. One of her sisters contacted me about a session, and what a joy it was to help spoil them for her! This crew totally deserves it all.

Love you guys! Enjoy your highlights from our time together :) 

Garrison&Family | Haskell, OK

As always I cannot thank this family enough for their continued business over the past couple of years. It truly has meant so much being able to help capture your growing family Lindsey&Wilson! And I always enjoy the rest of the crew, especially that adorable niece and nephew of yours. Congratulations on your newest member, Alton. I hope you find yourselves enjoying these photos for many years! Much love friends.


Love any time we get to spend with the Jones family. They are so loving to us and each other, and these peeps keep it REAL. I never stress before our sessions because both mom and dad are so laid back. They truly just wanted me to capture their family as they are, and that always makes for a great session! Thank you guys for always using Happy Trails Photography! Enjoy a few of my favorites ;) 

Higgins | Valentine, NE

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to the Higgins family. Taking a chance on me, allowing me to do Sidney's senior photos. I hope she falls in love with her session because I know I have! I can't seem to pick a favorite!? I hope that as you look through these you truly see Sidney's personality shine! Thank you guys so much for using Happy Trails Photography. Glad we also grabbed a few quick family photos. You guys were so much fun to work with. Laid back, and just good good people. Maybe next year I can come cover your branding?! 

The Hisel Family | North Platte, NE

One of my favorite families of all time! (Not just because we are family) The morning of this shoot was a little chaotic. But I love that everyone still seemed to shine! Forget about the fits that may have been thrown or the constant bribing that was needed. Instead, I hope these photographs remind you of the random dance party in the living room, Matthew's giggles, Mikayla's constant pout face, and of course Uncle Steve tripping behind my to make everyone laugh (even his brother gave us a real smile!) Love you guys and thank you so much for allowing Happy Trails to capture your family just as they are... 

The Roat Family

Happy to be able to photograph people I haven't seen since high school! Crazy to think it has been that long and now they have two beautiful children. The little guy is a true gentleman and little sister was such a sweetheart. Our session took place at an old winery right outside of town where I grew up. Wish I could have more sessions there because the cabin was gorgeous! 


These guys are all family.  They have adopted Steve, Cord, and I as their own. I have been photographing the little girl since she was about 8 months old. After that she became my poster child! You will understand when you scroll down and see her picture. Preslee Jo is one of my favorite little girls. Of course, the rest of the family is great as well! I truly mean it when I say there is hardly a dull moment around these folks. So glad I got to spend an afternoon capturing your family just as they are! Love you guys.

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