"Oh let's be adventurers darling..."

Olivia and I met one summer in between college semesters, as camp counselors. We were both students at Oklahoma State at the time, who took off to Rogers Arkansas for a  summer of teaching children how to ride horses. I wasn't expecting to walk away from that summer with 2 new best friends that I continue to walk through life with. (I actually thought I was going there to find a husband...) God is good. He knew what I needed most. This girl has a beautiful, adventurous spirit. It seems she has found a man that shares that same quality. A man that nourishes that in her, rather than trying to box her in. I love that. I love these two. Thanks for coming to the ranch, and allowing me to be apart of your love story. Can't wait to stand beside you on your big day! 

Source: letsbeadventurersdarling


What a beautiful session of Heather and Kevin! I actually graduated high school with Heather, one of the perks of moving back to this area is touching base with old friends.  "Heatha" and her man Kevin look awesome together. Man?! Seriously?! Love it. Thank you guys for choosing to use Happy Trails Photography for your engagement session! Hope you love them as much as I do...

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