Dr. Morgan Harwell, DVM

It was so nice to see Morgan again! We met in college and worked together at the OSU Vet Med Ranch back in the day. Morgan is more reserved, that is one of my favorite things about her. She doesn't mess around if she can tell you're being fake. Loved that. As we worked together we definitely got to know each other. She was always that girl to me that seemed to have it all together.  Seriously. And she's a horse shower from California, so that makes her like the Dream Girl right? Even working at the horse ranch her hair would always be perfect, and nails manicured, and then I'm over here in cutoff tshirts and a pony tail. (I tried the manicure thing and I just CANT keep them pretty long enough- so thats out)  In a good way, Morgan has always been that person to me that makes me want to try harder at being a woman. I still think of her when I fail to curl my hair! haha

You can bet when she contacted me for pictures I was SO EXCITED!! I knew Morgan would be gorgeous just standing there. And I got even more excited when she wanted to include her animals in the session, because I knew they would be gorgeous too. I can't believe another friend is graduating with their DVM. So happy for you Morgan! You are going to make a great Veterinarian. You did it!