Carnival Mini Session | Paris, TX

These sessions might have won it for me! Nothing like getting to photograph kids in this scene. They are all soooo excited just to be there already and are filled with little giggles of anticipation. Loved it! And then getting to photograph a couple reminds you how romantic the carnival really is. Thanks everyone for coming out! I had a blast!

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Back to School Mini Session | Paris, TX | August 8th

I am in love with how these photos turned out! A huge thank you to one of my best friends Lynnsie for her help with props and setup. This was my first time to shoot in Paris, Texas and she helped me find the perfect spot and the perfect clients. I hope we can continue to do this in the future! I truly enjoyed meeting all of you. Thank you for letting me capture your little one! I will have fall mini's coming soon so be on the look out. Enjoy your pictures :)