Jennings | Bells, TX

Not sure how I got so lucky to photograph this family from their first baby girls newborns…. to now. They make some gorgeous kids am I right? Starkly different, gorgeous all the same. The Jenning’s family booked me during my trip to Oklahoma/Texas when I make the rounds and photograph clients for a 2 week window. Texas put on quite the show for our session in early April, wheat fields and wildflowers, can’t get any better! Thank you Micah + Luke for continuing to use Happy Trails Photography. I love capturing your legacy… and those beautiful kids.

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Happily Hixon

So much has changed since I first met Amy. For both of us. Throughout our stages of dating, engagement, marriage, and now motherhood, I have drawn closer to this woman. She is beautiful and has been blessed with a family just as beautiful. Thankful for her and Cody's example as husband and wife and now mom and dad. Though I have called Amy during many trials that parenting brings, the best advice she has ever given is "do the next thing". This simple phrase has gotten me through some dark times. I am not saying they have it all together... she wouldn't want me to say that. I am saying, it has been a saving grace to talk to someone in the same place of life, taking the same steps, and telling me I'm not alone in the mess. Thank you Hixon's. Love you so. 

Peachy Family | Thomas OK

We love this family so much. Becky and I met in college, were in each other's weddings, and have watched our families grow. She is my go-to of all things motherhood. I even call her before I call the doctor, haha. One of her sisters contacted me about a session, and what a joy it was to help spoil them for her! This crew totally deserves it all.

Love you guys! Enjoy your highlights from our time together :) 


Love any time we get to spend with the Jones family. They are so loving to us and each other, and these peeps keep it REAL. I never stress before our sessions because both mom and dad are so laid back. They truly just wanted me to capture their family as they are, and that always makes for a great session! Thank you guys for always using Happy Trails Photography! Enjoy a few of my favorites ;) 

Wyatt | 11 Months

I have always wanted the Lord to use my photography for Him. I will always feel it is my ministry. Nothing can replace a picture. I think if we could take things to heaven, photos would be one of those things. Its how we freeze time, yet still hear those little chuckles as we look back on a picture.
Watching Wyatt's story on facebook I felt the Lord move me. I felt I needed to give back in a way I knew how because this little family has had to give so much already. So I contacted Harley and asked if I could provide a session for them. I wanted to meet this Wyatt and help tell his story. Little did I know I would be walking away from our session uplifted (and with lots of baby fever!), because Wyatt was possibly the happiest baby I have ever met. Despite his hard start on life, this little guy had pure joy. Thats how I would describe him actually, pure joy! So thankful to meet you Wyatt. You are a little warrior and one day you may move mountains.

"For God has not given us a spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind." II Timothy 1:7

Wyatt's story: He was born with half a heart. Normally doctors suggest you terminate a fetus in his condition. He had his first open heart surgery at 5 days old. His first breath of fresh air at 3 months old. A second open heart surgery before he was even One. He has to be fed through a tube because he never learned to swallow properly. What a fighter! Not only is he strong but you can tell his parents are as well. In one of the photos you see Wyatt holding two stuffed monkeys. Those monkeys represent his siblings. They lost each of them late in pregnancy. I couldn't imagine. She carries their names around her neck engraved on a necklace, and you can see Wyatt playing with it in another photo. I hope these photos bring you comfort!

Thank you for sharing your story!

Brody | Oklahoma City, OK

This handsome young man is leaving us soon. So glad mom and I got to squeeze in a last minute shoot. How cute is he?! The best part (maybe worst part for me), is when I asked him if he wanted to hear my jokes, he quickly ran away and told me no. Pretty dang cute while he did it though so I will give him that. Thank you Sarah for letting me hang out with you guys for a little bit. Hope you love your photos.