Destination: Salt Lake City, UT

We set out last Tuesday for Salt Lake City, UT. We made it 10 minutes down the road and my co-pilot needed to stop for a margarita, just to get her mind right, she's a professional. THEN we got on the road haha. Drove all night, made it to Hays, KS for a quick break then headed for Ft. Collins, CO for breakfast and stretch our legs around campus. (We may have went in the Engineering Building to use the bathroom to change clothes and freshen up.) 

Once we got our belly's full at the Silver Cafe (famous for cinnamon rolls) we headed to Wyoming! We both have always wanted to explore Wyoming. Everyone tells me there is not much there. Having only been to Cheyenne for Frontier Days, I had big hopes. But.... yea there's not much there. Until you make it the Western part of the state, then it gets beautiful in my opinion! Not sure what they feed the cattle on the south border along I-80. 

By Wednesday evening we made it to Utah! What a gorgeous state. I loved the mountains. Some parts of Utah would look like Ireland (since I've totally been there before). We were only there for two days but I cannot wait to make a trip back. Thursday I had a blast doing 4 styled sessions with the amazing Jessica Janae Photography during her Magic Project, which was magical! (blog coming soon for those photos) 

By Friday we were heading back to Colorado, our husbands were flying into Denver early Saturday morning to join us for the rest of the way home. Low and behold we acquired a flat in Price UT. Two hours later, two new tires later, ouchy on the wallet later, we finally made it to Colorado right as the sun was going down. We were S O H A P P Y to see our hubbys. Saving grace type happy because we knew we were down navigating and driving! 

We had a great day Saturday! Had a few beers at a really neat stop that Meghan's parents used to always hang when they were locals. Little Bear was a very neat town tucked in the side of the mountain. Then we made our way to white water rafting! WOW, freezing cold water but totally worth it. 

Last but not least, Meghan's husband had a big one to scratch off the bucket list while we were in town. Sunday at Pike's Peak, the International Hill Climb took place. It lasted all day but we had an amazing view. This is such a huge event that they open the gates at 3am to the public. We got there at 2:30am and we were still about 200 cars late?! A bedroll and 3 sleeping bags later, the bed of the truck turned into a queen size pillow. Slept on top of Pikes Peak, totally underdressed but the body heat was nice haha. 

After the race, we made our way home. This momma was missing her littlest man pretty bad by this point. Thankful for the opportunity to further my passion and meet some great women in the business, thankful I now have friends I can stay with in Utah, thankful the bestie joined me in making this an amazing road trip with lots of highway and not enough sleep, and thankful our husbands flew in to save us, not sure if we would've been able to drive home at that point. 

xoxo, Sara