Mr. John Bobby Lane

I know you always hear this when someone is expecting a baby, "I didn't know I could love something this much before we have even met." But that is an understatement for this little guy and his family. He not only is carrying a strong family name but he is also the first baby boy to carry on the families last name. You can say John Bobby Lane is a legacy already. 

Without knowing the gender during pregnancy, you could imagine the anticipation of everyone on delivery day. So, let me explain his namesake. "John" comes from his daddy's side of the family. I am not exactly sure how many generations back it goes but lets just say too many for me to remember. Also handed down from generation to generation are the intials J.B. For this little guy his middle name comes from his momma's side. "Bobby" is the namesake from Lynnsie's grandpa. He sadly passed away just a few weeks before J.B. was born. Bobby meant so much to Lynnsie. He not only helped raise her but Bobby was one of the most important men in Lynnsie's life. I'd say J.B. and his big sister Anna Grace, have a pretty ornery angel watching them from above. 

Love you guys and thank you for allowing Happy Trails Photography to capture the sweet beginning of John Bobby Lane...