Colte+Erika | Grayslake, IL

Colte and I are family. And as long as I have known Colte, he has been doing all he can to chase his big dreams. From a small town in Oklahoma, this guy sure hasn't let anything hold him back. And all the while, along his adventures, he has met some amazing people. Lots of those people made it to the wedding and were so fun to meet and get to know. Of course the most important person he has met along the way is his life of the party, northern strong, totally sarcastic, now wife, Mrs. Erika. She is a perfect fit. I see so much in her, that reminds me of other important women in Colte's life. I can totally see why she caught his eye from day one. 

I cannot wait to see where these two go. It was a joy capturing the beginning of your story Colte+Erika. We truly thank you, for trusting us to capture such a significant time in your lives. And obviously, for selfish reasons, I wish you both lived closer so it didn't have to pause there for now! Love you both. 

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