About me…

I’m glad you are here to learn a little more about me and what goes into Happy Trails Photography. I myself love to learn about the person behind the brand. Now let me try and keep this short….. I'm an Oklahoma girl, born and raised, who fell in love with a Sandhills cowboy. I tried to not like him the first two years after we met freshman year of college. There's just something about those Sandhiller's that keep ya coming on back. I also didn't think I'd like Nebraska. I assumed it was all corn fields. I couldn't have been more wrong. My husband was born and raised in the Sandhills of Nebraska, and I see why he and everyone else from here are so proud of where they came from. 

We have been moving throughout Oklahoma the last 6 years going from one ranch to another. We have been trying to get north the last couple years and God is finally making that path clear to us. I always told Steve I'd try Nebraska.... so here goes nothing! We moved here October 2018, and are helping manage/expand his family's cattle operation. We're stinkin' busy but man it's so good to be here. God is good ya'll (keepin’ that okie slang strong)

About my photography…

I like to create an experience for my clients. I want you to walk away from the session thinking you’re a natural! My sessions involve a lot of movement, play, and genuine giggles. We might even break into song to loosen things up. My style has adapted into telling a story through my photos, and that is why I am strictly a lifestyle photographer. If your ultimate goal is just one good photo of everyone smiling at once, then I'm not your gal. And no shame if you do! There's just plenty of other photographers to do that for you. I am after real moments, real laughter, and everything in between.

My ultimate goal for your session, is to tell your story. I do this for my own family and I think everyone should have the same blessing. I want your grandkids to look back at your photos and recognize the way grandma still runs her fingers through her kids hair or how grandpa still puts only three fingers in his front pocket. I'm serious, those are the photos you should expect from our session, nothing forced. I simply strive to create a scene and capture the characters within it. I hope this encourages you!

I do my best to keep my blog up to date but Instagram (@happytrailsphoto) is the most accurate representation of my work. Some day I will find more time to sit in front of a computer, but right now I’m pretty stubborn about keeping my family and ranch life first. Sure you understand. 

Keep riding that Happy Trail


*Cute littles are Cord Conley and Millie Rix